Perspective is Different than Privilege

I have never been one to back away from a political discussion, especially when I feel well informed on the topic. I enjoy hearing many sides of an issue, to improve my general knowledge of different topics. However, there is a tactic that people use against me that I find incredibly inappropriate: telling me I …

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In Defense of ‘Thoughts and Prayers’

For a long time the typical social media response to a tragedy was “thoughts and prayers to the victims of _____” and people accepted that as an appropriate response. Though it was not something I often posted about, it was the typical thing people across the board would say. Now, however, “thoughts and prayers” is …

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Trying Something New

Welcome, My name is Kevin Ellis and this is Generally Speaking. Generally Speaking is a new project of mine about recognizing the importance of the experience of the average, ordinary person. Our newsfeeds are inundated with opinions and critiques of issues that affect us, but they often fail to consider points of view outside the …

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